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Border in pup ..... excitement in the house !!!

..... Well we are all very excited about having puppies in the house again! Last time it was crazy .. the kitchen was over-run by little puppy feet rushing, hiding, gamboling and tussling with each other.They have no regard for us humans.. apart from when they get hungry.

They love to scamper on the tiles and then all crash out at the same time and flump in front of the warm Aga and just snugggle, snooze and snore as they nestle and dream of running in the long summer grass ; rolling about with their mummy.

Harrison for the chop ??

6th Feb 2011.

Woke up to the wind howling around The Farmhouse; Eve and daisy getting restless in the kitchen . I pulled on my sweater and jeans , and went downstairs to let them out for a run.The kitchen was so cosy with the Aga hugging me as I stood against it and reached for the kettle.
Daisy jumped up into my arms as I opened the door and Eve started pulling at my jeans.... Hello babies.... let's go for a wander. We opened the stable door and the wind just flung it back against us .... it was blowing wild across the hop yards towards the house .
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