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Harrison for the chop ??

6th Feb 2011.

Woke up to the wind howling around The Farmhouse; Eve and daisy getting restless in the kitchen . I pulled on my sweater and jeans , and went downstairs to let them out for a run.The kitchen was so cosy with the Aga hugging me as I stood against it and reached for the kettle.
Daisy jumped up into my arms as I opened the door and Eve started pulling at my jeans.... Hello babies.... let's go for a wander. We opened the stable door and the wind just flung it back against us .... it was blowing wild across the hop yards towards the house . we mouched about in the garden and ran back into the warmth of the kitchen where the kettle was whistling .

Later we went over and let out the rest of the pack .... Harrison with his teddy bear coat Riley , Mags, Raisin, Pigeon and Pepper.... and we all went for a long walk around by the river up towards Mathon and back through the hop yards and up to the house.

In the cosy stable, the borders had a grooming and a wipe over with tea tree ..... I could actually hear Harry saying " yuk Mother !!!! do you really have to do this ...now I smell like a chemist !! " ... and as I tried to rake the brush through his coat ....and muttered that I was going to strip it in the week...... he tried to escape from me .... tripping me over and landing me in the hay stack head first ....... at which they all piled on top of me, licking and jumping at me with joy .........

Guess that's what you get for trying to make them look tidy !!! .....
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