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Border in pup ..... excitement in the house !!!

..... Well we are all very excited about having puppies in the house again! Last time it was crazy .. the kitchen was over-run by little puppy feet rushing, hiding, gamboling and tussling with each other.They have no regard for us humans.. apart from when they get hungry.

They love to scamper on the tiles and then all crash out at the same time and flump in front of the warm Aga and just snugggle, snooze and snore as they nestle and dream of running in the long summer grass ; rolling about with their mummy...... ahhhh what a life that would be !!

Pigeon -Pie is very round and follows me like a little limpet. She will not be separated from me at any cost . She is just a fabulous mummy and knows that her babies are snuggled up safe and warm inside her. She is waiting for her sister Maggie Mae and Raisin to have their babies...but they shouldn't be too long now.

We have been trying to work on our commands this week and Eve, Riley and Mags have been showing Daisy and Harry how it is done . Harry , the teddy bear is not interested in the slightest .. and just runs past the ball putting his head in the air and totally ignoring it . Daisy has a little more idea; and gets very excited when she retrieves it from the other side of the garden and runs straight back to me with it held gently in her mouth !! I think she will be a little superstar !! Her coat is looking straggly but not quite ready to strip ... so I am afraid she will have to wait a couple of weeks for her make-over ! 
This week we have received a  fabulous picture of Riley's new babies with Ruby ... thank you Victoria for the delightful photo... we will come and see you soon . xx

Enjoy the photos, Border fans !!!

bye for now,

Daisy Do ! x

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